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My Colleagues II

Wild Rice staffOrange Nhe?

Luu WeddingDon’t kiss me now, my wife out there!!!

Moon River RetreatLet me sleep for a little while please!

Luu Wedding What are we doing here?

Wild Rice staff

Hair washing service!

 Wild Rice staff Cheese!!!

Wildrice staffWho we are going to serve first?

Wild Rice

Wild Team


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Wild Rice

Wild Rice

Working in hospitality requires lots of special skills particularly when working in a high class hotel or restaurant.

Che long nhan

Wild Rice is well-known for contemporary Vietnamese food that is beautifully presented. It is not just an average Vietnamese restaurant serving traditional dishes. Wild Rice is one of the fine dining restaurants in Hanoi that provides good food, great atmosphere and high quality service. Staff at Wild Rice are well trained and understand the idea of customer space.

Wild Rice restaurant: 6 Ngo Thi Nham Street Tel: 04. 9438896 Fax: 04. 9436299 Email :

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My Colleagues

Wild Rice's staff

Is he dreaming? Dream is good. Go on mate!!!


Wild Rice's staff


Is he  cooking or having fun? Staff and customers need him. 

Wild Rice's staff

Food is great!

Food is good today


Yes, Food is good, cheer!!!


Wild Rice's staff


Get out out my way- so heavy!!!

  Wild Rice's staff 

Who was pissed here?

Wild Rice's staff

Food is coming

women's day


Smiling in women’s day- My gosh. Congrats!!!


Leave me alone!


Leave me alone, will you?


No More


No more dirty plates or bowls OK- I am sooo tired now.

Help me plsssss


Help, help, help me please!!!!



Food is coming- Get out of my way!!!!


Wild rice staff- pre for  Kate and Mark wed

They are enjoying working at our company.


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Speakers In Viet Nam

This is one of the special goverment helpers which  repeats announcements time after time without tiring.


It usually starts early in the morning for an hour, and is sometimes repeated in the afternoon and evening. But in the evening, they usually have a special story with a great warm voice. It’s helful in some ways but it is very annoying because sometimes it’s on too early in the weekend when you need time to relax or for a long sleep after the working week

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